Friday, October 12, 2012

Weirdos.TV, MNN Episode 70

In this episode, Jon Yodice is now our new co-host (I think)...anyway he is our special Skype guest again and we really get down to brass tacks, which really hurt.

Weirdos.TV, MNN Episode 69

In this episode, we feature special Skype guest Ryan, who is under wood. He reveals that bananas are aliens. We do a nice cover of the itsy, bitsy spider. We also do an operetta about giant shoes. Oh, and a TRULY psychedelic cover version of The Who's "Magic Bus".

Weirdos.TV, MNN Episode 68

In this episode, we feature special Skype guest Jon Yodice. Ee review the story so far, and reiterate that We Are All God. Jon tells us about the Zeitgeist Movement, and I tell him about the machines.

Weirdos.TV, MNN Episode 67

In this episode, I point out that you should eat it now! The only one left is the end of your life.

Weirdos.TV, MNN Episode 66 (the uber-mash)

In this episode: Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, bang! Welcome to the "uber-mash", a montage of short clips and out-takes from the WeirdosTV vault. All of them are overlaid on Episode 50, and that makes it all OK.

Weirdos.TV, MNN Episode 65

In this episode, I make no sense, unlike in all the others. I do a cover version of "Something" by George Harrison. I follow that up with a full perversion of his pirated song "My Sweet Lord". And we ask the immortal question, "My grave...can you dig it?" And the controversial statement "God is Everyone", which also means We are all God.

Weirdos.TV, MNN Episode 64

In this episode, we again feature constant caller John Gille, I should think the best to date of his fine contributions to the show. I also urge you all to call in and ask me questions.